"Respect for the unexpected ensures safety as well as precision during every phase of a project."

–CW Gregory (Chief of Operations)

Company History

Blue Heron Construction Co LLC was founded and is owned by Charles Gregory III (Wes) in June of 1999. Wes started Blue Heron because he saw the distinct need and opportunities for water/wastewater construction contractors in the Northeast. The business started out with small water/wastewater private and bonded construction projects along with providing mobile sludge dewatering services. Blue Heron grew over the years and acquired Underground Technologies Inc (UTI) in 2004 expanding into the utility side of the business.

Today, Blue Heron is a full-service water/wastewater & utility general contractor with over 50 employees from many backgrounds and talents.

A completely renovated farmhouse, located in the rural community of Jordan, NY, serves as headquarters for the company.

The Blue Heron Construction Team

Mission, Vision & Philosophy

Providing site work, wastewater treatment plant upgrades and underground wet utility services to municipalities, private residents and commercial property owners alike, Blue Heron Construction has an experienced, well equipped, mobile workforce managing projects throughout the Northeast.


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Vice President
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